Long Island iPhone Repair

iKURE is Long Island’s one stop shop for repairing, customizing, and accessorizing your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Computer.

Opening our first storefront in 2012, we pride ourselves on being the first shop on Long Island to offer iPhone repair. We don’t just repair iPhones, we can repair any electronic device including all cellphone models, Macs and PCs. We'll even buy your broken laptops, computers or other devices you want to get off your hands!

But don’t worry! You and your kids won’t be bored while you wait! We have an 8-foot alien in the lobby of our stores that holds a 42” iPhone, which is connected to an Apple TV. So stay and play away while we fix your device. All of our repairs are protected under our 90-day warranty.

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Common iPhone Repairs

No job is too big or too small for us! With three locations, if you live on Long Island, we can repair and fix common iPhone problems such as cracked iPhone screens, faulty home button, broken lock screen, blown speaker, damaged charging port, water damage and more!

Remember, we also offer iPad repairs and Apple Watch Repairs if your device has been malfunctioning.

Customize Your iPhone or Electronic Device

We also specialize in customizing your iPhone or electronic device with any color casing, gold casing, or Swarovski crystal casing. If you are looking for something more generic, we also carry a wide variety of cases, chargers, Bluetooths, screen protectors, and auxiliary cables that you can browse on our 60” Apple TV.

Long Island iPhone Repair
Sure, iKURE is known as the Long Island iPhone Repair shop, but did you know we specialize in custom cases and design?

Tips, Tricks and Suggestions from iKURE

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